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Indio Window Cleaning & Pressure Washing Services

Window Cleaning & Pressure Washing Services in Indio, CA


Indio Window Cleaning & Pressure Washing Services


81853 Villa Giardino Dr
Indio CA 92203-7706



Our mission is to leave your home or business sparkling clean. We serve Indio, CA, and the entire Coachella Valley. We at Indio Window Cleaning & Pressure Washing Services pride ourselves on only the highest quality cleaning, for the best price. Our window cleaning service will not only restore clarity by removing dirt, but will also protect your home or business from harmful UV rays which can cause fading. We use a combination high-pressure water and environmentally friendly detergents to provide a eco-friendly window washing service while ensuring that your property is maintained in the best condition. Contact us to learn more about our great rates for recurring cleaning services and washing!


About Indio

Indio may refer to: == Places == Indio, Bovey Tracey, an historic estate in Devon, England Indio, California, a city in Riverside County, California, United States == People with the name == Indio (musician), Canadian musician Gordon Peterson Índio, Brazilian football players: Índio (footballer, born 1931), or Aluísio Francisco da Luz Índio (footballer, born 1972), or Francisco Anibio da Silva Costa, indoor footballer, see 2004 FIFA Futsal World Championship Índio (footballer, born 1975), or Marcos Antônio de Lima Índio (footballer, born 1979), or José Sátiro do Nascimento Índio (footballer, born 1981), or Antônio Rogério Silva Oliveira Índio (footballer, born 1996), or Matheus da Cunha Gomes == Ethnicities == Indio, a term referring to the indigenous peoples of the Americas Indio, or Indios Chinos, the Spanish Colonial racial term for the native Austronesian peoples of the East Indies and majority of the Philippines.



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